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Photographing Jewellery for Insurance

How To Photograph Jewellery For Insurance

Ladies, it’s a sad fact, but not everybody in the world is as honest and decent as you and I, which is why, when you’re in the possession of jewellery as utterly gorgeous as ours (particularly the more valuable pieces), it’s a good idea to make sure you have proper insurance. As part of that, many insurance companies require photographs of the jewellery in question, either when taking out the insurance or, if the worst…

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Top Tips For Jewellery Cleaning

As I’m sure you’ll agree ladies, there aren’t many things in life that can make us feel as beautiful and goddess-like as sporting a shiny, sparkly piece of jewellery. And we deserve it! I mean, like the adverts keep telling us, we are worth it. But as with anything, daily life can take its toll on our gorgeous bling and things like makeup, perfume, grease, cleaning chemicals and dead skin cells (eww!) can leave our…

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