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Hello and welcome to GuyWakelingJewellery.co.uk; it’s taken us a long time and a lot of effort but we’re very proud to finally be able to unveil to you our new and improved website!


Although Guy Wakeling Jewellery has been going since 2009, 2015 is going to be a big year for us and we’re really pleased that you will able to join us for the ride. Following a lot of careful consideration and many a long discussion, we’ve decided to expand and make Guy Wakeling Jewellery a truly family orientated business, and our new website is just the first step on this exciting journey of exploration.

A Family Affair


For the past 25 years, Guy has been making gorgeous pieces of jewellery, either from scratch to our customers’ specifications or by repairing and remodelling existing items of jewellery; this is what Guy loves and, fortunately, he’s very good at it! Since setting up Guy Wakeling Jewellery in 2009, such commissions are the bulk of the work that Guy has undertaken, although he has sometimes found the time to create some amazing pieces of jewellery from his own designs, in between his other commissions.

small diamond and platinum ring bspoke from Guy Wakeling Jewellery

In recent years, however, not content to allow my husband to have all the fun, I – Katie Wakeling – have been playing a larger and more significant role in the business, and not just in terms of organising Guy and dealing with the day-to-day administration (although I do have to do these as well!). Whilst I have no formal training as a jeweller, I have learnt a lot from working beside Guy for the last few years and I have gained a lot of hands-on experience; I feel that I understand the needs of the business and, more importantly, I know what our customers want.


Hence, Guy and I made the decision to focus our drive and ambitions on Guy Wakeling Jewellery, maintaining the core bespoke service that Guy has always offered as a master craftsman whilst at the same time introducing some new ranges of the highest quality, bought-in jewellery from around the world, hand-picked by myself. We’re so excited, because this will mark the start of Guy and I working together as business partners – as well as married partners – and make Guy Wakeling Jewellery a family business in the traditional sense, one that involves not just Guy and myself, but also our amazing children and wider family beyond.


Our New Ranges


And so, in addition to the ‘Bespoke’  jewellery we also have the Signature’ Collections, which comprise Guy’s exceptional handmade pieces. Have a look at our D Diamond Collection too, which includes the finest diamonds money can buy.


Each collection has its own key elements and we only ever choose items of the upmost workmanship and quality, meaning that our customers can rest assured that any purchase is a wise investment for the future. What’s more, each collection has a wide range of earrings, rings, necklaces and bangles – plus much more – so you’re bound to find something to suit any person, occasion or pocket; and, if you don’t, just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


Our Physical and Virtual Shops


All of our brilliant jewellery is now available to buy online via our new website, so please take a look around and see if you can’t find that perfect piece for you. Please be aware though that, as most of our items are hand-picked exclusively for Guy Wakeling Jewellery, we rarely hold more than one – occasionally two – of each item in stock; so, if you don’t see your ideal piece this time, then come back and try us again another day but, if you do find what you’re looking for today, then grab it quickly before it gets away!


On the other hand, if you’re more of a physical – as opposed to a virtual – shopper (which I am!), then you can always come and take a peek at the other side of our big new venture; our new workshop and showroom. A large part of our client base still prefers to have a face to face consultation, particularly those commissioning bespoke or remodelled pieces of jewellery, and we love meeting and getting to know our customers too.


So, if you’re ever out and about in Lancashire, then please come and visit our workshop and showroom at 15 Church Row Chambers, Longton, Preston, PR4 5PN. (If you want to make sure that Guy is in, so that you can watch him at work, then it’s best to phone us ahead of setting off; you can phone us at the workshop during office hours on 01772 379 956, or see our full details on the Contact Page for further methods of communication.)

Bespoke. Princess Cut Engagement Ring, Platinum Engagement Ring, Princess Çut Engagement Ring

Please Get In Touch

As this is all a new adventure to us, we’d absolutely love it if you – our family, friends and customers old and new – got in touch and let us know your thoughts; please have a look around our new website and tell us honestly what you think, we can only progress and improve through your constructive feedback.


Whether you want to commission a piece of bespoke jewellery, are looking for something specific that you need our help to find, or if you just want to tell us something that you like (or don’t like!), then we’d love to hear from you.


You can find all of our details on the Contact Page of this website – we look forward to hearing from you!