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Having  bespoke engagement ring is very girl’s dream, but knowing how to go about having one made is a bit daunting.

Here, we have put together a super handy guide to help you.

We love weddings here at Guy Wakeling Jewellery. We love everything to do with them – from the proposal to the honeymoon – we get ridiculously excited in an overly girly way at the prospect of a wedding!


It’s good really, because as a bespoke jewellery maker, one of the things that we do most often, more than anything else we do, is make beautiful unique wedding and engagement rings for our beautiful and unique clients. And not only do we love making the rings – and other wedding jewellery – themselves, but we’re also honoured to be put in such a position of privilege and trust, and we love seeing couples at their happy and enthusiastic best and hearing all about their plans; the excitement is infectious.


bespoke engagement rings from Guy Wakeling jewellery


But it can sometimes be easy to get swept away with all the anticipation and emotion of a big wedding, and when you’re commissioning a piece of jewellery that you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life, it’s important to do it with a clear head and a strong impression of what you want. That’s why it’s a good idea to be aware of what’s involved in commissioning your bespoke rings before you start, so that you understand how the process works and have thought about all the different options available to you.


So for those of you who are planning on getting married, or just thinking about it, then don’t worry; to give you a head start, and help you get the rings of your dreams, I’ve put together this little mini guide to commissioning a bespoke wedding or engagement ring. I know, I don’t know how you ever managed without me!


Matching Rings for Matching People


We make rings for everyone here at Guy Wakeling Jewellery, for people from all walks of life who want all sorts of things, and we’ve made rings in all combinations of gender and occasion. We don’t mind whether you commission just a single engagement or wedding ring, rings for just a single occasion or all your rings at once; we’ll do whatever you need us to and can find a solution to fit every budget.


In recent years however, more and more people have been ordering their engagement rings and wedding bands together as the trend for so called Bridal Sets has increased. Even if you’re planning on having a gap of several years between your engagement and marriage, ordering the two sets of rings together can not only save you time and money but will also ensure you have the rings you want just the way you want them.

bridal set of rings bespoke engagement rings


And not only does ordering your rings together mean that your engagement and wedding rings will match, it also enables the bride and groom to have matching rings too – making them that little bit more special and marking your marriage long after the honeymoon is over.


Save A Fortune On Bespoke Wedding Rings

We at Guy Wakeling Jewellery understand how expensive weddings can be, with costs accumulating left right and centre and unforeseen expenses popping up all the time, so that by the time you get around to sorting out the wedding rings you’ve hardly any money left. Yet as I’ve already said, your rings are the one thing that you will wear and look at every day for the rest of your life; the dress and suits will never be worn again and the flowers will die, but the rings will remain, so it makes sense to invest in them before anything else.


Wedding rings handmade by guy wakeling jewellery


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