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Buying a diamond is an exciting time, and you might find yourself wondering how to tell a quality diamond when you see one.

As the song goes, diamonds are forever, so you want to buy the best one for your budget.

Well, it comes down to the 5 Cs of diamonds…

The Five Cs of Diamonds


They’re gorgeous, they’re glittery and everyone knows they’re a girl’s best friend, but there’s a lot more to the diamond than you may think, and as buying a diamond might be one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, it’s important to know your stuff before you buy.

diamond and platinum bespoke ring from Guy Wakleing Jewellery


So, if you’re not already familiar with the ‘5 Cs’ of diamonds, then consider this your indispensable guide and get educated before you make any future diamond decisions!


1. Carat


Arguably the most important factor when it comes to evaluating a diamond is how many carats it is, which is measured by its weight. One carat is defined as one fifth of a gram or 200 milligrams, approximately the weight of a five pound note.

It’s widely thought that the size of a diamond determines its worth – a big ol’ rock equals a big ol’ price tag! – but as explained in an article published by, entitled Diamond Basic 101: The Diamond 5Cs, this isn’t necessarily always the case, as a smaller carat diamond more skilfully cut by a seasoned professional, can often be much more beautiful and therefore much more valuable.


2. Cut


One of the most noticeable characteristics of a diamond is the way it’s been cut, as this affects how the stone sparkles – and we all love a bit (or a LOT) of sparkle!

Heart cut diamond and platinum ring commissioned from Guy Wakeling Jewellery

According to an article published by, if a stone is cut to the perfect depth at just the right angles, a large percentage of the light that enters the diamond will be reflected back into the viewer’s eyes, making it appear brighter and more dazzling. Nature does determine so much about a diamond, but a skilful cut can turn a rough diamond into a beautifully polished one.


3. Colour


Another very important factor to consider when evaluating a diamond is its colour. According to an article published by the Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia entitled The Five Cs, the colour difference from one diamond to another can be very subtle but is very important to its value.


A grading system of letters from D to Z is used to portray the colour of a diamond, with D being completely colourless and Z having a yellowish or brownish hue. So it looks like it’s time to ditch the colour in this instance girls, because the more colourless the diamond, the better quality it is thought to be.


4. Clarity


Diamonds usually aren’t completely pure. According to Diamond Basic 101: The Diamonds 5Cs, diamonds often contain small flaws or ‘inclusions’ such as scratches, air bubbles or traces of other minerals. Although most inclusions aren’t visible to the naked eye, the purest of diamonds are deemed to be the most valuable.

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So next time you’re on the lookout for a beautiful diamond, just remember – if it’s shining clear, it must be dear!


5. Certification


Whenever we’re buying a new handbag (which is as often as possible) there are a few things we look for, such as the colour, the brand, the material – is it a clutch or a weekend holdall, for example?


Well the same goes for buying and selling diamonds, so that’s why the carat size, colour, clarity, cut, shape and measurements are all assessed by an independent and recognised grading laboratory and certified accordingly. This is actually a great thing, as it prevents dodgy dealers from selling us poor quality diamonds, so don’t take a diamond at face value alone and don’t be afraid to ask for its certification report either.


Gorgeous Diamonds From GWJ


Now I can’t tease you with all this talk of diamonds and not show you some of our very own gorgeous pieces can I?


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We think you deserve a treat, so say hello to this white gold and diamond solitaire pendant;

This beautiful bespoke piece was handmade by Guy and is a timeless classic. It’s made up of a stunning 0.75 carat diamond with a rub-over setting in 18 carats of white gold, on an 18 inch chain. It’s got a price tag of £2945.00 but is pure quality and will last a lifetime too.


Another piece handcrafted by the genius that is Guy are these blue diamond earrings.



They are handmade to order and feature striking blue diamonds set in simple 18ct white gold to let the beauty of the diamond shine through. They are £700.00 which is amazingly good value for such a high quality piece. Why not drop a few hints to the hubby?


So there you have it girls, the inside scoop on everything diamond; now before you go out and treat yourself to that glittery rock (it would obviously be rude not to!) you can remember the 5 Cs and make sure you bag yourself a quality investment diamond.


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