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Ladies, we all know deep down that getting engaged isn’t all about the ring, but let’s face it, it’s pretty flippin’ important! This is an accessory we’ll wear for the rest of our lives (that’s the plan anyway!), a symbol of our promise to love another human being forever and, well, it should be simply perfect for us.


But with so many different designs, shapes and sizes to choose from, how do we find ‘the one’ (I’m talking about the ring by the way; you’ve already bagged the fella) and rule out all the ones we just don’t quite love enough? Well fear not ladies, because I’m here to tell you all about a bunch of engagement ring trends that are so hot right now…and, well, just pretty much save the day!

Halo Rings


One gorgeous design that’s incredibly popular at the moment, and has been for the last couple of years, is the halo ring, and it’s just as heavenly as it sounds! These unique rings consist of a soft outline of small jewels around a large centre stone, because you can never have too many jewels, right?!


According to a recent article from bridalmusings.com, entitled 10 Gorgeous Engagement Ring Trends for 2016, one of the reasons this ring style is so sought after is that emits a sense of elegance, whilst the beauty of the main stone is really enhanced by the smaller, surrounding ones. Plus, the sparkly border will amp up more modestly-sized stones too, giving the illusion of a big ol’ rock!


Diamond ring, halo engagement ring

Obviously I don’t have to tell you how unbelievably gorgeous this ring is because, well, just look at it! It’s unique, stylish and the beautiful blue tanzanite looks even more sparkly against the smaller stones. So glam! It’s made of the highest quality materials and will last a lifetime.


Rose Gold


It’s been all the rage this year, so it was inevitable that rose gold would eventually reach the realm of engagement rings…and now it has! I have to say I’m absolutely delighted, because rose gold is feminine, warm and deliciously different.


In an article for brides.com, entitled Romantic Rose Gold Engagement Rings, Lauren Frankfort explains that this colourful metal also compliments an array of skin tones, from pale and pasty, to olive-y – and even orange-y, if that’s your thing – and it mixes with coloured gemstones really well, too. Rose gold is definitely an all-rounder.


Coloured Gemstones


Everything’s more fun with a bit of colour, right? Well, that certainly seems to be the case when it comes to engagement rings, as women across the globe are going crazy for coloured gemstones.

Sapphire Ring, Platinum Sapphire Ring, Engagement Ring, Dress Ring

According to Celeste Perron’s recent article for brilliantearth.com, entitled Today’s Top Engagement Trends, many couples see opting for rings containing vibrant gems rather than the classic plain diamond as a way of going against the grain and expressing their individuality. Sapphires are particularly popular, from traditional deep blue, to pale yellows and pinks, and emeralds are great for creating an instant vintage feel too.


Take a look at this platinum solitaire ring from Guy’s Signature Collection, containing a 65ct oval purple diamond;


How heavenly is this please?! It’s simply special, a real head turner, and just oozes class and quality. The rich colour of the diamond will suit almost any skin tone, eye or hair colour, and…well, it’s just fun! This is a bespoke piece, but if you’d like Guy to make one for you or your fiancée, then please get in touch and we’ll have a chat.


Marquise-Cut Stones


Remember the days when being pear-shaped was a bad thing? Well say goodbye to those days, ladies, and say hello to the latest engagement ring trend; pear-shaped and marquise-cut gemstones.


Not only are these tapered cuts deliciously unique but, according to an article recently published by theknot.com, entitled 17 Popular Engagement Ring Trends, they make your fingers appear instantly slimmer and longer too. Where do we sign up?!


Get In Touch


There you have it, ladies; these are the main engagement ring trends of the moment and honestly, I love all of them! Just fabulous.


So if you’re thinking of getting engaged in the near future then make sure you choose Guy Wakeling Jewellery; besides our selection of rings from our ready-to-wear collections, Guy can also make a beautiful bespoke piece of your choice. So if you’d like an extra special ring – maybe you want one in keeping with one (or all!) of these themes – then please do get in touch with us and together we’ll begin the creation of your perfect ring!