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Despite what the weather may be saying, it’s still officially summer, which means the wedding season is well and truly upon us.

Brides and grooms up and down the country will be finally saying goodbye to all the stress of arranging a wedding and just getting on with walking down the aisle. Then having their photographs taken sporting silly moustaches or flashing their knickers, then downing several bottles of Prosecco.

Or maybe that was just our wedding…

Anyway, I digress. One thing these happy couples often forget, time and again though, is the wedding rings. And it’s silly really, because they are the one thing that will last for decades after the wedding celebrations are a distant memory. You’re going to be looking at your wedding ring every day, for the rest of your life. It should really be the first thing you think of, not the last thing you remember.

But luckily for you, here at Guy Wakeling Jewellery, we’ve got the perfect offer to help you get the matching wedding and engagement rings you’ve always wanted, to make sure your wedding ring as just as special as the rest of your big day. If not more so. 


Why Should I Have Matching Wedding & Engagement Rings?

The trend for matching wedding and engagement rings – or fit together perfectly – is not new. Although the engagement ring – and now the eternity ring – are much later inventions that the wedding band itself, which has been around since the times of the ancient Egyptians, there has always been a trend to fit distinct rings together to make a matching pair.

Matching wedding and engagement rings

It just makes sense; the two rings are going to be together on your finger for (with a bit of luck) many years to come, so they need to both look aesthetically similar and fit comfortably into each other. A bit like the bride and groom.

However, all too often these days, far too little thought is put into how these two rings will interact with each other.

It’s understandable really; the engagement ring is purchased in the first flush of romance – either the groom has his future fiancé’s engagement ring made in the hopes she will say yes (so it’s super fly and touchingly thoughtful) or the engaged couple have their rings made together, maybe using the jewellery of their Grandparents, possibly from a visualisation they’ve had for years. Either way, a lot of thought is put into the process; it’s romantic, it’s loving, it’s meticulous.

A selection of bespoke wedding rings

However, when it comes to the wedding rings, the process is often exactly the opposite. Nine times out of ten, the wedding rings are an afterthought…all the excitement has gone into organising the wedding ceremony, and by the time the bride and groom have remembered they need to get wedding rings, the bride-to-be is stressed and overwrought with all the preparation, the groom is fed up of talking about the whole thing and the budget has been blown on the dress and the flowers.

Bespoke wedding and engagement rings that fit together

Naturally we’re making sweeping generalisations here, but you’d be amazed how often it happens!

The result is that both bride and groom end up with beautiful bespoke engagement rings, which are personal and meaningful, but then have to sit on the finger next to generic wedding bands, often purchased from a high street jeweller and with no meaning or sentiment behind them.

And it’s all very well to think you’ll replace them at a later date – when you have more money – but few people do. After all, it won’t be your wedding ring then, will it?


How Do I Make Sure My Wedding and Engagement Rings Match?

There’s one simple way to ensure your wedding and engagement rings fit perfectly together, however, and that’s to think about them in advance. Don’t leave the most important, symbolic element of your wedding ceremony to the last minute.

Matching bespoke wedding and engagement ring in gold

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to be planning the wedding ring the minute you’re getting your engagement ring sorted; even we know that’s not very practical. After all, she might not have said ‘yes’ yet, she might not like the engagement ring, she might have her own ideas about what she wants. However, once you have got at least the basics sorted (a date is a good start, for example) then start thinking about the wedding ring and how it will fit in with what you’ve already got.

Some people do like to plan the two together, and that of course means you can ensure that the two pieces of wedding jewellery will be like two halves of the same item, but most of the time we are able to design and create a bespoke wedding ring that will fit into your existing engagement ring design seamlessly.

Sapphire and white gold bespoke wedding and engagement ring that fit together

And don’t worry if you can’t envision that or see how it will work; crafting a new unique, custom piece of jewellery that matches and compliments an existing piece is a skill that Guy has mastered well over the years, as you can see by looking at the images of matching engagement and wedding rings we have already made. Some of these were designed at the same time, whilst some were made years apart…we’ll bet you can’t tell which?!


Get Money Off Your Bespoke Wedding Rings

Here at Guy Wakeling Jewellery, bespoke wedding and engagement rings is what we do best, and every single one is as special to us as every previous one we’ve done.

gold and ruby wedding and engagement rings that fit together perfectly

We love meeting couples at the very beginning of their love story and being able to play a part in their special day by creating something that will mean the world to them for the rest of their lives. It’s a very special privilege that we take seriously.

Matching wedding bands and engagement ring

That’s why we’ve created our very own Wedding & Engagement Ring Loyalty Scheme. It’s a little helping hand, from us to you, to help you ensure your wedding rings are not the last thing on your mind.

Now with every bespoke engagement ring you commission from Guy Wakeling Jewellery, the happy couple will receive;

  • A free bottle of Moet to toast your marriage and celebrate your perfect love.
  • One year complimentary maintenance package, to include a stone safety check, cleaning and reshaping.
  • Complimentary check, clean & polish of your engagement and wedding rings one week before your wedding day.
  • 10% off your bespoke wedding rings, handmade by Guy Wakeling Jewellery.

This means you can start thinking about your bespoke engagement rings early, plus get a whopping 10% discount to boot, so getting the matching wedding rings of your dreams will be even more within reach.

His and hers bespoke wedding rings


Contact Guy Wakeling Jewellery for Your Bespoke Wedding Rings

Don’t forget, Guy Wakeling Jewellery make every single piece of your bespoke jewellery from scratch, and it’s all designed and created in our Longton Studio by Guy himself.

And as all our jewellery is made using ethically sourced raw materials from our Hatton Garden suppliers, you can get the best quality precious stones and metals for a fraction of the price it would cost you on the High Street. Basically, you get world quality bespoke jewellery for a steal!

Matching bespoke wedding and engagement rings

If you’d like to find out more, simply get in touch with us by phone on 01772 379956, email or use the contact form on the website and we’ll get back to you ASAP.