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Lets admit it,  because we’ve all done it, a beloved family heirloom has been passed down to you and you look at it and think ‘Not in a million years am I going to wear that’, and that’s it, it’s placed into the jewellery box to never see the light of day again (or in our case ends up being play jewellery for our little girl). However, there is a little ray of hope for these ignored little gems as the remodelling of family heirlooms and jewels is a fast-growing trend that no one can ignore.
You may have your grandmothers engagement ring that you wish you could wear but it’s not quite your thing, or its an amethyst brooch from your aunt gave you, that you wish you could wear as a ring. It could be as simple as you may have accumulated an eclectic collection of gold jewellery, bits and bats that you feel are outdated or that you simply wouldn’t wear any more. Nothing is impossible and no job is too big or too small, we can’t wait to sit down, have a chat and get some ideas on the table about how to transform your items in beautiful bespoke pieces.
We see remodelling your jewellery as a journey, from old to new, from the past to the future,  having your jewellery remodelled is a hugely symbolic gesture and one that is very personal. Remodelling jewellery is the process of creating a lasting connection between the past and future, one that is truly special and can be deeply emotional.
We can’t wait to start on this journey with you and let the creative juices get flowing but before any re-designing or smelting starts, there a couple of things we would advise you to think about before you embark on this process. Does it perhaps just need a clean/repolish or plating to bring out that gorgeous shine? Fashions come and go so, would it come back into fashion?  Could it become more appealing or grow on you over time? Does it perhaps need resizing? We offer all these services and more and are more than happy to discuss any and all the possibilities if you unsure which is the right direction to go in.
OK, so you’ve thought about it and remodelling your jewellery into gorgeous, bespoke pieces is the way forward for you. In which case we have one more pearl of wisdom is this: Research! A little research can go along way and it doesn’t have to be much. Have a look in the shops, online and in magazines for a little creative inspiration, you may find something you haven’t thought of or even something you know you defiantly don’t want it to look like. Of course, we aim to please and are thrilled to work in concert with you through the design process to create the desired product.
That is the million Dollar question…to which unfortunately is never a straightforward yes or no answer. Of course every piece of jewellery is different, the fact that some, if not the majority of materials are already on the table is of course cost effective, but what you do need to consider is that you are paying for a completely personalised piece of jewellery that will be completely tailored to suit your lifestyle and individual tastes.
So if you want to make some of those heirlooms into something modern, or you want to free up some of the contents of your jewellery box into something beautiful that’s full of lustre and sparkle then please come and visit us in our showroom or get in contact with us to book an appointment. We would love to meet you and look forward to designing and crafting your old jewellery into something new, unique and beautiful for you to enjoy and wear time and again. We are dedicated to providing a professional service that delivers our customers beautiful bespoke products.
If you’d like more info about our remodelling service mentioned throughout the blog, or would simply like to have a gander at the beautiful jewellery that we have for sale, you can also browse our website or call into the shop.

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