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What does the service offer? 

This service makes our very popular Rhodium Plating Service accessible to all. It offers customers the option to post their items into us for the Rhodium Plating Service. There is a 72-hour turnaround surrounding each parcel you send into us, from the moment you send it, to the moment it is delivered back to you at home, exciting stuff! 

What is Rhodium Plating? 

In a nutshell Rhodium Plating or Rhodium Electroplating is a process to which jewellers apply a thin layer of Rhodium to the existing metal on an item of jewellery. This gives the item a bright, polished appearance and provides a more durable, hard-wearing surface that is tarnish and scratch resistant. For more information on Rhodium Plating and the process we use click here. 

How does the service work? 

From start to finish in 5 easy steps, here is what you need to do.  

  1. Package your beautiful jewellery into a secure package (padded jiffy bag or box) and take it to your local Post Office. Please be sure to include a note within the package of your name and full address so that we know where we are sending it back to. Please include a telephone number also, so that we can contact you when your item is ready.  
  1. Send it to our showroom address using Royal Mail Special Delivery, this costs £9.70. The main reason we use this is for insurance purposes, which covers the item(s) within the package up to the value of £2,500. If you have any items that are valued more than the £2000 then please call us to arrange alternative postage.  
  1. Once the package arrives in our showroom, we work our magic! A thorough clean, Rhodium Plating and a polish for added sparkle.  
  1. We will then call you on the number you sent to us to let you know your item(s) are ready and take payment over the phone. Once the transaction is complete, we will send your items back to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery.  
  1. All you need to do is sit at home with a brew and a biscuit and wait for Mr Post Man to deliver your freshly cleaned, plated and sparkling Jewellery back to you.  

Why we’ve introduced this service? 

During Covid 19 we’re all adapting to the ‘new normal’, this can mean a number of things for each and every one of us, the way you work, the way you socialise and even the way you do your shopping. This is part of the reason we have introduced this service; you may live quite a distance from our show room, you may not have the time to come to us and then again to pick up, or you simply may not feel comfortable coming into a shop given the current circumstances. Whatever the reason we totally understand and we’re hopeful that this service can be helpful to you.  

What’s the cost? 

£30 per ring with Rhodium Plating.  

£35 per Ring Platinum Polish with Mirror finish.  

Our Platinum Polish service works much in the same way, though platinum essentially doesn’t lose its colour, the metal itself can become dull and faded with scratches and general wear and tear over time, this is why we suggest a Platinum Polish with a mirror finish. This service firstly gives your items a good cleaning, then buffs out any nasty scratches and will give your items a high shine mirror shine. Sound good? Of course, it does. 

The item of Jewellery you want plating may not be a ring, you may have a beautiful set of Diamond stud earrings or an antique chain, we include all items within our service. Understandably it is easier to quote a standard price for a ring, given their shape and size, however if you do have a separate piece you want plating that isn’t a ring, please click here to contact us.

What sets us apart? 

One of the reasons that we are singled out for this service in particular isn’t just the exceptional high quality of work that we do, it’s also the fact that none of the pieces that come into us ever leaves our showroom. We pride ourselves on the fact that everything to do with this service is done in-house, so there’s no messing around and as a customer you can be safe in the knowledge that your precious items are safe with us.  

If this service isn’t for you, then that’s ok too, and you still want your Jewellery Rhodium Plating then please do bring it into our showroom, we do love to see our customer and have a chat (through facemasks and socially distanced of course). To see the results of our Rhodium Plating Service then please head to our Facebook and Instagram pages, who doesn’t love a good before and after picture?  

Thanks for reading loves,  

Take Care and Stay Safe.