Autumn Jewellery Guide 14th October 2020 – Posted in: News

Have you felt the cold chill in the air? Have you noticed the nights getting darker sooner? Me too! Like many of yourselves I’ve pulled out the knitwear and boots and turned on the central heating. Whilst walking the kids to school we’ve been counting all the different colours of the leaves, which got me thinking of all the beautiful colours of gemstones we have in the showroom and so today I’m dedicating my blog to beautiful Autumnal Jewellery. Hopefully it will spark some inspiration and give you some ideas for what jewellery to wear this autumn to mirror the wonderful season and colours surrounding us.  

It’s all so Natural.  

I love pulling on a chunky knit jumper and then selecting a delicate yet vibrant pendant, its a wonderful contrast and yet it works so well. There is a vast array of beautiful nature themed pendants at the moment. Pendants with Tress, leaves and even pine cones have been gracing the covers of the latest brochures. One that proves to be most popular is tree pendants, often a circular pendant with a tree silhouette in the middle, these pieces are so varied and wonderfully contrasted with different metals and stones. We’ve had so may gorgeous variants of this design both on necklaces and in earrings and bracelets.

Elementary, my dear readers.

I know it’s a bit obvious to say that this season feels so elemental, but for me this is more prevalent for Autumn than any other season. The warm rich fiery colours of the leaves, the bareness of the trees and deep dark earthy colours of the wood and soil soaked by heavy english rain. Here are some stunning gemstones with stunning elemental tones.

When I think of Autumn and jewellery I always think of Amber. Though true it isn’t a true gemstone as such, but its original source itself adds to the overall symbolism and ambience of it. Amber has such diversity and can come in so many variations. It can come in so many differing hues of orange and every yellow,  the shape can be rough or cut to a specific shape and the same can be said for the finish left rough or refined. Amber is so elemental, it reminds you of fire and earth so many things that are remarkable in this season. 

Another very beautiful stone that I see featuring a lot season is Tigers Eye Stone. A rich, deep brown gemstone with striking bands of yellow and orange running through it. Usually cut into a pebble shape and polished, this stone is wonderful as a chunky pendant, bead chain or drop earrings. 

Need a Spark(le) to get the fire going?

Ok, so due to Covid 19 were not exactly going out on the town this year are we? But that doesn’t stop us adding a spot of razzle dazzle to our outfits. Maybe you know someone who has birthday in the next couple of months or an up and coming special anniversary, here are some ideas for something with a little sparkle. 

As soon as anyone mentions sapphires I think Kate Middleton, royal blue, surrounded by diamonds and thats that, but this isn’t the case. Sapphires come in variety of exquisite colours and shapes, its staggering, in fact there are even some Sapphires which can display two or more colours called ‘parti sapphires’, good to know if you can’t decide on a signature colour. The birthstone for September, this stunning jewel is amazingly versatile and whether set in a ring, bracelet, pendant or earrings is sure to be noticed and complimented whenever worn. 

Sapphires not your thing? Not a problem, here is an alternative that still got a spark to it. Citrine is a beautiful transparent, honey gold coloured member of the quartz family and is making quite a scene in the jewellery industry. Featuring in engagement rings and bracelets, this charming gemstone gives a beautiful pop of colour where least expected.  Apt that it is the birthstone for November, citrines warm, rich, deep golden colour is the perfect addition to any autumn wardrobe.

You may like to team up a fine knit dress with a chunky gemstone pendant, or a heavy knit jumper with a pair for delicate vibrant sapphire earrings, whatever the outfit and whatever the jewellery, this is the perfect season to show your colours, show your personality and embrace the warmth. 

All pieces shown in the pictures in this blog are for sale in our showroom, so if anything has caught your eye, then please come see us or if you don’t feel comfortable venturing out then simply give us a call, we’re always to happy to answer any question you have. 

Hope I’ve given out some good autumn vibes and a little inspiration. 

Stay safe loves,