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As you may have seen in the store and from our social media, we have a new watch line, Bering…which is super exciting! However when I was looking for a new brand to put into our showroom, I found myself coming up… well… a little short on the knowledge side of things. I didn’t know what difference was between Luxury and Fashion watches or Solar and Eco-Drive. They say ‘you never stop learning’ and ‘they’ are right. So this week I have dedicated my blog to Watch Styles as a buying guide. Hopefully this blog will be a little educational, a little inspirational and a little something to take your mind of things for 5 mins. 

Who are you buying for? why are you buying?

There are 2 simple questions to ask yourself when buying a watch. Firstly, Who are you buying for? Daughter, Mother, Brother or friend, this of course will decide whether you looking for something feminine and delicate or bold and chunky, their age will also contribute to the style, as well as personal taste. The second question is why are you buying? A watch can be a rather personal and significant item to buy, full of meaning and symbolism. The reason why you are buying the watch will probably determine which type of watch you are buying. For special birthdays or anniversary, your best option is of course a dress or a luxury watch, however if you simply want your son to be on time or want to replace Grandmas trusty everyday watch, then a casual watch is more appropriate. 

Bering Watch Collection

Something For Everyday?

This is your everyday, go-to piece, the one you stick on first thing in the morning no matter what you’ve got planned for the day. Called a Casual Watch this is usually sensible and reliable, its always good to have a little personality of the owner show through, whether in the colour or on the pattern on the face. Usually not too expensive given you would be working, cleaning, etc, whilst wearing the watch. There are some absolutely gorgeous casual watches about at the moment, styles, colours, ones with a bit of flair, something for everyone.

Something for the Fashionesta?

A fashion watch is what is says on the tin. This style of watch is often made by well-known fashion brands/houses that are venturing into the world of jewellery but not exclusively watches. Fashion Houses such as Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana and Cath Kidston are all prime examples of this. Though more likely to be worn like a casual watch, fashion watches will be a more intricate and a little fancier, often having signature colours or patterns to indicate which fashion house they came from. For the past decade there has been a blending of casual watches and Fashion watches, as fashion house have made there timepieces more accessible and affordable, it is all the more easier and acceptable for a fashion watch to be worn everyday. 

Seksy Watch Collection

Something for a Special Occasion?

This is a special occasion watch, the one you wear to a wedding, a graduation or a fancy dinner party, if you are wearing a suit or a dress thats a bit wit-woo, then a dress watch is probably required. Dress watches aren’t flashy or bulky, but are designed for sophistication and simplicity, they are there to enhance the pomp and circumstance of the outfit you’re wearing. The material of which a dress watch is made of should speak for itself, often made form fine materials such as a high carat gold or a rich deep platinum. A watch such as this is generally given for a big birthday, anniversary or celebration. 

Bering Watch Collection

Something for you Posh lot?

These are your high end Luxury watches, often with a BIG price tag. Luxury watches often come from companies who solely produce and specialise in timepieces, brands such as TAG Heuer, Rolex  and Omega. These are often made of precious or premium metals and materials, such as 18ct Gold or Platinum. A number of Luxury watches also contain precious stones such as diamonds to add and extra special luxurious touch to the piece, often located around the face or under numbers. 

Sekonda Watch Collection

There is debate of how many watch types there are and all are placed into sub-categories. There is actually 27 different types of watch which is a little mind-blowing but not surprising for such an essential and personal item. Though I’m sure watch purists will argue that there are actually less types, but thats for another day, another blog. 

Bering Watch Collection

Our services. 

Of course we do sell watches in our showroom, we currently stock some lovely time pieces from Sekonda, Seksy and most recently Bering. We also offer a range of other watch services. We offer a next day battery replacement service for just £10.00. We are also able to size adjust link watches, as well as order new straps and replace glass screens. Just pop into our showroom with your query, were always happy to help. 

Watches are such wonderful, personal and significant gifts. The wide variety of styles that suit any personality, any budget and any occasion makes them a fantastic go to gift. Hopefully this has been helpful to you, and if not well hopefully it took your mind off the world and let you take 5 mins for yourself.  

As always Stay safe,