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About A Blog

As I am sure you will have noticed, at least I hope you have, especially if you follow us on Facebook or on Instagram, that recently I have been posting a blog on our website every week. My blogs are strictly nothing intense or time consuming, no rants or political ravings, no, none of that! My blogs are, obviously, about the jewellery industry, subjects that I feel are relevant to our customers and hopefully relate to them personally. Often, customers come to me with a query that I am able to answer face to face (as I do like to natter), however, this query worthy of everyones attention may be too long for Social Media. Subjects such as the benefits of Rhodium Plating or the beauty of remodelling jewellery simply don’t fit into 200 words. So without further ado I am dedicating this weeks blog to why we are blogging. 

Passionate about what we do. 

Its one of the easiest phrases in the world to say or write is ‘I am passionate about what I do’, but to show it, takes time, energy and great effort. Our passion is of course derived from the jewellery we make and of course the goldsmith trade, but where our real passion lies is in the feeling we create for our customers and the joy our work brings to them. At times it is difficult to convey that feeling and sheer enthusiasm we have for our business and the pieces we make and sell, and this is where our blogs will (forgive the pun) carry their weight in gold. 

Salt and Pepper Diamond Halo Ring in Platinum from Guy Wakeling Jewellery

Sharing within our Community.

There has always been a strong sense of community surrounding our business, this I feel comes from a number of attributes. Our location in the lovely little village of Walmer Bridge and Much Hoole offers such a wonderful atmosphere of bygone times. I often think of a time that when things were a little greener and a little quieter, that there was still a goldsmith in these villages and it warms a little place in my heart to think that we are fulfilling that role still hundreds of years on. I adore what we bring to our community as a business and I want to try and share that sense of belonging and contribution with you all in a written format, and so a blog would serve that purpose perfectly. 

Knowledge shared is knowledge gained. 

When a customer walks into our showroom with a query, more often than not Im totally qualified to answer however there are the odd times when Im unsure or simply have no idea, then like the rest of us I have to go away and do a little research. Finally I can come back to my customer and will share all I have learnt. Often is the case that what I have learnt would benefit another customer too, and so a blog provides me with a perfect outlet for just this reason, to share what I have learnt in the hope that it will be relevant to more of our customers, and if not well least you learnt something new (silver linings, eh).

Pieces are poems and stories. 

We are extremely proud to call ourselves Bespoke Jewellers, its not a title everyone can boast about. With being a Bespoke Jeweller we are able to make jewellery from scratch, we remodel jewellery into personal treasured items. There are some many variations of what we do and as are our wonderful customers and the pieces they bring to us. What I love most is the stories that accompanies them and the journey they want to go on. There are so many wonderful treasures out there each with their own tale, the unfortunate thing about it is that no one will hear it. In a world full of fast messaging, lightening speed communication we are missing out on exciting and interesting heritage, culture and antiquities around us. 

“I have this old ring my mum left me and I don’t wear it, I don’t really like it, but it was mum’s and so I want to keep it in some form.” I adore when a customer comes into our showroom and starts of the conversation with a sentence like this. Its the start of a journey for us and the customer. They tell us more about the piece, they go and come back when we have done our bit and the sheer joy on their face has made the whole processes totally and utterly worth it, in that moment when the customer is delighted that they can keep a part of their loved ons and history with them in something that they will enjoy. 

Seven stone Diamond Eternity Ring, Guy Wakeling Jewellery

Even from a new piece of jewellery leave our showroom with a customer is making the start of a journey, an Engagement ring carefully selected to be on someones hand for the next 50 years to signify a long and happy marriage, cufflinks for times of importance and significance that become tradition to wear or a watch that will be trusty and in ten years you’ll remember as the watch you bought in ‘lockdown’. Each piece we make or sell is special for whatever reason, practical or significant. Blogging on our website is the platform on which I wish to share some of these wonderful stories with you all, to enlighten, entertain and possibly inspire all those who read it. 

Well if you’ve lasted to the end of the blog you’ve done great and more so given that its half term and you may have been interrupted by the kids after every single word you read! Once again I hope you found our blog interesting and that you look forward to reading more of them, I certainly can’t wait to write more, and to share with you all. In the next coming weeks I will be dedicating my blogs to all things Weddings, as a wedding fanatic I am super excited and I hope you will be too. 

Take Care Loves and Stay Safe