The BIG 5C’s of Diamonds 8th January 2021 – Posted in: News

Hello 2021 and a very Happy New Year to you all. Well it isn’t the start of the year that we had been hoping for, lockdown 3.0, back to home schooling and your social calendar is chock-a-block full (of Zoom calls that is). With that said like most of you, I am determined not to let this get me down and to start the New Year as I normally would, full of promises. I have downloaded the Coach to 5K app (thats half the battle), I’ve stocked up the fridge of all good GREEN things and have bought myself many organisers (I do like a good list). 

With home schooling at the fore front of everyones minds, I thought this week I would dedicate our lovely little blog to being a rather factual blog. As it is fast approaching Valentines Day (yes, I said the V word) many people will be building up the courage to pop that all important question. You will probably notice over the next few weeks a very obvious theme of engagement, proposals and a little inspiration on choosing the perfect ring. 

You may have heard of the 5C’s of Diamonds, this is a list of standards to which diamonds are held. When splashing out on an engagement ring or any piece of jewellery containing a diamond we believe that this will be of use, so without further ado here are the BIG 5C’s. Though for years there has only been 4C’s:

  • Clarity
  • Colour
  • Cut
  • Carat 

A 5th C has recently been added which is Certificate. 


The clarity of a diamond is identified by its purity. This is measure by how light passes through the diamond and the amount of flaws (inclusions) that hinder the light. The less inclusions the greater the quality and thus the greater value of the stone. From Flawless Diamonds that have no inclusions at all to I1 which have many and are visible to the human eye. 



Diamonds range in colour, the colour of a diamond is usually graded from D to Z. A ‘D’ Diamond has a very clear colour, this ranges down to ‘Z’ which usually has a brownish-yellow appearance. 

Each Diamond is given an alphabetical designation, this can be found on the certificate of your diamond. The clearer the Diamond, the more expensive it will be. Diamonds can also come in many different colours. 



The cut of a diamond will determine how light passes through it. It determines how the light is dispensed throughout the diamond, helping to provide and enhance that all important sparkle and glimmer. This is the stage at which diamonds can become personal, as everyone has their own preference as to which cut they favour. The most popular cuts are Round, Pear, Emerald and Princess. 



Carat is the one fact about diamonds that I think everyone knows. Carat is a term used to measure the size of a diamond. This is described in points, for example if a diamond is a third of a carat it will be 0.33ct (points) or if it is a half carat, the diamond will be 0.50ct (points). Dare I say it though, that size doesn’t matter! (eeeeek) Though large diamonds do have an impact this doesn’t always speak for a diamonds quality. If you are looking for a larger diamond it is better errr on the side of caution and research into the diamonds quality further, as the larger the diamond the harder it is to find one that has a clearer clarity or colour. 


The final C which was added not so long ago, is certificate. When buying a new diamond usually a certificate will be presented with the diamond to certify all the above grades Clarity, Colour, Carat and Cut (though this will be fairly obvious). Certificates are usually provided by the following bodies GIA,IGI,CIBJO,HRD and AGS but to name a few of the more popular ones. If you own a diamond that does not have a certificate in a lot of cases you can obtain one, by speaking to your local valuation expert, or if you click here, GIA have a very helpful guide on obtaining a certificate. 


I hope you have enjoyed this blog, and if you are looking to purchase a diamond in the near future that this blog proves useful to you. According to ‘love experts’ (Ive watched Frozen way too often) it takes 6-8 weeks to plan the perfect proposal, so if your hoping to get down on one knee (socially distanced) and pop the question, then now is the time to start planning, that includes ring hunting. Keep your eyes open for our next few blogs which could give you some handy tips on, how to propose, where to propose and those all important engagement ring ideas. 

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