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You all know me by now and you know that I love anything to do with weddings, especially a good proposal. Over the past couple of years I have seen a rising trend in ‘Proposal Tokens’, if you haven’t managed to find that perfect engagement ring, these little babies fill the gap between the popping of the question until the that all important official engagement ring is purchased. A proposal token can range from a ring, to a necklace, to even a bracelet. What’s the reason behind this growing trend?

Under the current situation of lockdown it proves to be a challenge to shop for anything, yet alone an Engagement Ring. It’s difficult to be sure sometimes of what your exactly getting when shopping online and something so important and valuable as an Engagement Ring well….it goes with out saying, it’s the one thing that has to be exactly right. 

One of the main reasons for a proposal token is so that the bride can pick her engagement ring herself (and yes guys, I know this sounds like a ‘get out of jail free’ card, but it really isn’t!). Going and choosing the ring together is a lovely process, which can be one to remember. It prolongs the whole process from popping the question to choosing a ring and then having the ring and collecting. It’s exciting and adds an extra pomp and circumstance for a few more weeks after the initial question. You can also be sure that your bride to be gets exactly what she has always dreamed of. 

What to say it with?

Proposal Ring

Proposal Ring? I know it sounds strange. I have to admit I was a bit weirded out when I first saw it, but when you look into it and the theory behind it, it actually makes a lot of sense and relieves a lot of the pressure that someone could be feeling about choosing an Engagement Ring. This ring is totally for show, and is a temporary until you can choose the real thing. This could be anything from a ring that imitates a real engagement ring to a statement ring that could be worn later.

Cubic Zirconia Ring from Just Jewellery by Katie Rose CLICK HERE


Necklaces are another wonderful item of jewellery to which you can give to show your commitment. As the pendant on a necklace can be so versatile and given the wide range of necklaces, it is easier to make you choice more personal. These can also been worn on the big day as the brides wedding jewellery, adding wonderful meaning and sentiment to everything about the brides outfit. 

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Bangles and Bracelets. 

A bangle or bracelet has very similar quality’s to choosing a necklace as a proposal token. They are easy to personalise and has a wonderful versatility. Bracelets can be personalised by charms, design and even material, Whilst bangles are a full circle and so bring symbolism of eternity, unbroken love and togetherness. Again these could be worn as part of the brides jewellery on the big day. 

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Symbolise your love!


I know its a total cliché and a bit on the nose but hearts are always a sure fire way to proclaim your undying love! From statement jewellery to delicate, discreet miniatures, we have a beautiful selection of heart jewellery for you to choose from. 

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Circles though sounding simple are packed full of meaning. Symbolising perfection, wholeness and eternity, a circle is one of the defining symbols of love. When teamed with that sentiment and emotion it can represent completeness, commitment and unbroken love. Perfect for a token of Engagement. There are so many wonderful ways in which to use this symbol, particularly in jewellery. 

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Infinity symbol.

A popular symbol that has switched from mathematic term to fashion phenomenon. Beautifully simple, clean, versatile and full of meaning,

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If a Proposal Token isn’t your style and you are confident to choose an engagement ring then why not give our Engagement Ring Blog a read by clicking here , featuring different styles, stones and alternative engagement rings. 

Its been a very different sort of year so far already, although we are fully used to the rules of lockdown now, until March we will still be in that nostalgic phase of ‘remember what we were doing this time last year?’. Valentines Day will be one of those memories for sure. So with the day of LOVE drawing ever closer have you planned what you are going to do this year? Have you thought and researched any weird and wonderful ways to spend Valentines Day under lockdown, or are you happy with a Netflix box set, a bottle of wine and a big box of Milk Tray? Yeah me too! However you plan to spend 2021 Virtual Valentines Day, Im sure you will all have a great time and make it truly your own. 

Take Care and Stay Safe