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As we head towards the Easter Holidays, there seems to be so much going. For all us poor parents we are back with the kids full time (least we don’t have to combat home schooling though). As a business we are heading towards re-opening again. As a non-essential shop we will be allowed to open to the public on the 12th of April YAY! We’re so excited, we’ve been busy making preparations for this, cleaning, organising, replenishing and ordering new beautiful Jewellery for your spring/ summer wardrobe. We have also had an amazing response to our appointments diary which we opened up in March. For all this we are so grateful, we can’t wait to see you all and get started on some amazing commissions.

This all got me thinking that when we are in a consultation with a customer, which type of metal to use for their commission is often a big point of discussion. What properties each metal has and what would work best for the customer. If the customer has brought in an item or items for remodelling, then this makes for an easy choice in terms of materials, as more often than not the customer wishes to hold onto as much of the original piece as possible, and quite rightly so. If you are coming to us for a consultation or you are purchasing an item of jewellery and you are unsure which metal would be best suited for you, then this is a perfect go to guide for you.


Silver is a beautiful precious metal. Its luminous look compliments a range of styles and looks, it’s light and easy to wear. Silver itself is the least expensive of all the precious metals, which makes it the perfect metal for contemporary Jewellery designers. The designers of our branded jewellery such as Kit Heath and Unique & Co favour Sterling Silver and include it in the majority of their collections, with some absolutely glorious results.Though silver has a higher melting point than gold, it is still quite a malleable and a soft metal to work with, therefore some very intricate designs can be produced. The only down side to silver is that it can tarnish easily, however it is easy and simple to clean in order to regain its original shine and lustre. Unfortunately we don’t get to make many bespoke pieces out of silver as may customer prefer Gold or Platinum, but are always happy to use silver as a customers preference.

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Yellow Gold is a vivid, luxurious and a beautiful precious metal. Its warm hues and colouring is very distinctive. Gold is a delightful precious metal to work with and has some fantastic properties, it’s malleable and ductile, this means it can be crafted, shaped and designed into very unique and bespoke jewellery. There is also a multitude of ways in which gold can be finished, it can polish to a mirror-shine finish or a matt, brushed or hammered effect. The choices are endless, but means the finished product will be unique and completely bespoke. Yellow gold has the most beautiful, unique colouring to it (there nothing like gold) and often is used to enhance and contrast against gemstones included in the piece of jewellery. Within the current market Gold is the most expensive precious metal. Gold in particular is measured in carats, for jewellery it is most common to find pieces in 9ct or 18ct Gold. 18ct Gold usually contains 75% pure Gold and is more resistant to corrosion and tarnishing and as a result has the higher price tag. If you are having an engagement ring or wedding band made from Gold we would recommend 18ct Gold due to its more hard-wearing nature and easier maintenence than 9ct Gold.

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White gold is a very beautiful luminous metal, White Gold however is not a natural precious metal and has to be manufactured and made. White gold is actually yellow gold but is alloyed with other precious metals such as silver or Palladium in order to achieve its luminous white glow. This is why after time any white gold jewellery will look slightly yellow as if discoloured. White Gold is truly alluring and exquisite however does take a little more maintenance, to maintain its beautiful shine you will need to have your white gold items rhodium plated every 1 – 2 years.

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Platinum is an absolutely exquisite material and like gold has fantastic properties that make it the preferable choice metal for jewellery today. It’s striking, luminous white glow creates a polished and luxurious look. Platinum is an extremely rare precious metal and with that carries an expensive price tag. Platinum is a dense, hypoallergenic, strong and ductile, these are the main reasons as to why it is a choice material for goldsmiths and their customers. Given its strength, it is an excellent choice for jewellery that holds precious stones, as knocks, scrapes and everyday wear and tear is less likely to dislodge the stone when held in a platinum setting. We often recommend Platinum due to its strength, its hard-wearing nature and its easy maintenance. Platinum is therefore a practical as well as a luxurious choice for engagement rings and wedding bands as they are constantly worn. We highly recommend having jewellery made from Platinum especially pieces that will be worn often.

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Though Steel and Tungsten aren’t metals that we work with all too often there has been an increased request for particularly mens wedding bands to be made fo these. These metals are more affordable that the other more precious metals mentioned. Stainless steel in particular is resists corrosion and so for practical reasons it is a good choice for a wedding band, or jewellery that would be worn regularly. However due to the mix of metals found in steel it is probably best to steer clear if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to alloys such as copper, titanium or nickel. Steel and tungsten can also be coloured to a deep hue or tone given its mix with other alloys, and can be finished in a multitude of ways, the choice is yours.

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I hope that this metal guide have been of use to yourselves and if not maybe even a little (dare I say) educational.
Here’s hoping you all have a lovely Easter Holiday and we can’t wait to see you all again after the 12th of April. If you would like to get in contact with us or have an enquiry then please CLICK HERE.

Take Care and Stay Safe.