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Well friends, can you believe that we are in June already? I still can’t believe how fast this year is going. Covid or no covid, as the British public, at this point still have the same hopes as every other year, hopes for a mythic baking hot summer. One where we can make use of that garden furniture, use the BBQ for the first time and possibly show our kids that a season does exist that isn’t 99% rain. I know I’m asking for a lot but lets remain optimistic here!

Fathers Day this year lands on Sunday the 20th of June and as we are just in the start of June I thought it would be a good idea to dedicate this blog to a gift guide for Father Day gifts. Thankfully for this year and unlike Mothers Day, we have a little more freedom to roam, make plans and include more family in our celebrations, which is amazing. We have all been through so much and it will be amazing to celebrate Fathers the way we should and what we are used to. 


One of the wonderful watch brands that we stock in our lovely shop is Bering Time. Their fantastic collection of watches is inspired by the vast, stunning landscapes of the Artic. Bering Time has a fantastic range to offer, with various designs for all tastes and styles. From classic round face stainless steel watches, to retro square faces, with a pop of primary colour, to modern sleek block colour designs in an Ultra-slim option, Bering Time has so much to offer. For those of of you who are looking to the future and doing your bit for the planet, Bering Time also have a range of solar-powered Eco watches, which give you an impressive half year battery life from a single charge. 


Much like last year, I know that not too many of us are venturing abroad, however that doesn’t mean that the guys can’t still achieve that summer sunned, travelled look. Unique & Co produce a stunning line of mens leather bracelets, which have always been a bestseller and a go-to for us and our customers. Unique & Co have created a fantastic fusion between natural and industrial materials, making these bracelets the perfect balance for that sought after world cultured, travelled look. There are a vast selection to choose from, making it easier to find a bracelet tailored to your fathers or husbands style. Whether you are buying for someone who doesn’t like too much fuss, there is the single strand plated band, or if they like a contrast of styles, then the multi band of plated, twisted and single strand leather might be up your street. All these are available in a selection of trendy, masculine colours and finished off with a smart stainless steel or carbon fastener. Unique & Co have also expanded the range to include Volcanic beads, semi-precious gem stones and cord fabrics. Can’t choose? neither can we! luckily these bracelets are perfect for stacking and wearing together comfortably, with each other, along side watches or other jewellery. 


Well finally we are being allowed out, that means cracking out the good old iron again, dressing up and looking smart. Wedding are also back on with more guests and venue options available, that means more of us attending these fantastic celebrations! WooHoo! With that, Unique & Co have a brilliant range of Cufflinks, with styles and design to suit every occasion and even a little fun in between. We find here at Guy Wakeling Jewellery that cufflinks (much like earrings) are a brilliant way to personalise and home in on the recipients hobbies and pursuits. From gun metal to enamel and stainless steel to carbon fibre, Unique & Co have harnessed a wonderful range of materials to create trendy, masculine design that will give your loved one that must have polished and classic finish to any formal outfit. 

If you are still stuck on what to buy then never fear our Guy Wakeling Gift Vouchers are here. You can use our vouchers on anything from our store, including jewellery services and repairs.

Hopefully this have given you a little inspiration and has served a quick guide to finding the perfect gift this Fathers Day. You can find all these styles and more on our website shop by clicking here, alternatively you can call into our shop, located on Longton Business Park, open from 9-4:30pm Tuesday through till Saturday. If you would like to contact us directly or you have any question simple click here or you can direct message us through our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

So whether you christening the BBQ, off to a Beer Garden or out for a lovely meal, whatever you get up to we truly hope you have a fantastic day. Here’s to all you wonderful Fathers. 

Don’t forget our Fathers Day Giveaway to win a Unique & Co leather bracelet runs from 5th June 2021 until 13th June 2021. To enter please head to our Facebook or Instagram pages for more details. 

Take care and Stay Safe,