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Well everyone it feels as if we are edging closer and closer to normality and I for one am loving being able to have friends and family into the garden and house for the first time. Admittedly the latest announcement delaying the June 21st easing wasn’t exactly what we were looking but… British resilience will continue. One of the more talked about subjects of this easing was of course Weddings (and quite rightly so). It has been so difficult for so many couples for the past two years who have planned or been planning their big day, horror stories of rearranging, downsizing and sadly loosing bookings have been more and more common place. Thought there are silver linings and the restrictions surrounding weddings have eased a little (click here for restrictions). 

If you are planning to get married or you already have and the only thing left to plan is of course the most important thing of your wedding…. Your outfit! In this blog I’m going to be looking at the different types of bridal jewellery, which is the perfect finishing touch to your gorgeous look for the day. 


Traditionally a bridal set would be an earrings and necklace set that would recreate or imitate the design of the engagement ring that the bride has. Like your engagement ring this bridal set is meant to last a life time and is a go to set for special occasions. So whether you have a halo, solitaire, trilogy or alternative stone ring, there is guaranteed to be a stunning set out there. This beautiful set from Fiorelli is perfect for those of you with a halo cut engagement. Beautiful designed, the 18” Necklace is set with sparkling cubic zirconias in quality luminous sterling silver, paired with matching drop earrings for a touch of pure elegance. 


Its all about the dress is probably a phrase you will have heard time and again, especially through the whole wedding planning process, in which case you may want to keep the finishing touches simple. You may want to focus on a shape thats reoccurring, such as a simple flower, leaf or infinity symbol have proved to be popular trends in recent years. A circle or inter joining circles have wonder significance and meaning behind them, as they represent eternity. 


Just because this is a tradition doesn’t mean you have to be traditional. There is a fantastic range of modern jewellery out that that can have just as much if not more of an impact. One of our favourite and very popular brands is British designer Kit Heath. They have produced a variety of collections of quality sterling silver jewellery that range from feminine florals to superb stars. What mkes them so popular is how modern their designs and how easy their jewellery is to wear. Making wonderful jewellery and statement pieces effortless to wear. This beautiful set is from their empire Collection and would make a fantastic Modern Bridal set. 


You may have running themes in your wedding, hobbies that you both share, the place you met in, but regardless of those the central theme to any wedding is, of course, your love for one another. Hearts are always a fantastic way to express the theme of love. Though some think that heart jewellery can be cliché and even a little in-your-face, however given the right choice of jeweller and this can be tastefully done with maximum impact. This beautiful set from British designer Kit Heath showcases miniature modern shaped heart, with a sparkle of cubic zirconias and delicate huggie style earrings to match. 


Rose Gold has been a fast growing trend in the jewellery industry and one that I personally love. I adore the pinky rose tones of this material and always melt when I see it in a fantastic floral design or teamed up with white gold or silver for that contrasting metal look. Given its soft pinky tones this metal provides an easy, gentle and feminine pop of colour. Our branded jewellery Unique & Co, Kit Heath and Sparkling Jewels all feature rose gold in a variety of collections.

Pop of Colour

Colour schemes in wedding are always so important and no doubt you will have thought about this.

Being summer there are so many fabulous vibrant colours are around, you may have a colour scheme for you wedding or even just for the flowers. Little pops of colour are a wonderful way to tie things together and make them work. The same can be said for Jewellery, there are so many wonderful piece that have vivid or even subtle pops of colour.  Gem stones are a fantastic way to add that touch of colour to your outfit or even to match the signature colour of the day, be it topaz, ruby or emerald there is so much to choose from in a whole spectrum of colours. This beautiful set is from Fioelli, elegant Marquise cut vivid Blue Topaz are housed in luminous sterling silver and accompanied with sophisticated drop earrings, this set is also available in green topaz. 

If you are unsure or would like to look further into the fabulous jewellery we have to offer then please head to our website or pop into our shop, we would be happy to help you find the perfect bridal set or any other type of jewellery you may be looking for. 

If you are getting married in the very close future, all of us here at Guy Wakeling Jewellery wish you the very best for the big day and a lifetime of happiness and if you are getting married soon you may want to check out next months blog, it which I will be looking at groomsmen and bridesmaids favours and presents. 

Take care and Stay Safe!