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This year with our blogs I thought I would take a different approach, colours. Over the past six months we have noticed that there has been a massive trend in using alternative stones in jewellery, be it from precious to semi-precious to common stones. As a bespoke jewellers quite frankly, we have found this refreshing. 

For this spring season I have aptly chosen green as our colour, signing renewal, new life and of course health and luck. We have some fantastic brands who are showcase this colour for their new spring season and of course as is our workshop. 


As many of our customers know, Bering time has always stood out with their vivid collection of brightly coloured watches and green is no exception. The green spectrum is in full array with watches designed in bright green, emerald, green, teal and fisher green. These fantastic timepieces add a welcome pop of colour, teamed with their sleek designs, these watches bring a new sense of modern to analogue. There’s and array of choice with plenty of styles in the men’s and women’s collection, with many of the watches having a unisex design.  


For this season this fantastic brand is showcasing Malachite with a variety of materials. Malachite is a very interesting stone, the formations and patterns which occur within malachite and unique and differ greatly. It has a wonderful deep green colour which can be interspersed with variations of light green tones. Said to be a bringer of joy, this stone is known for its ability to heal emotional pain. Known as the stone of transformation, this stone is said to be helpful in times of change and to aid personal growth. 

Chlobo has harnessed this beautiful stone and featured it in a stunning collection with a variety of different materials such as silver, gold, and freshwater pearls. We love this new collection from Chlobo, it brings a pop of colour to your wardrobe and if you’re stacking your Chlobo bracelets you certainly won’t want to miss out on this addition.  

Available in store.


Fiorelli are best known for their fashion and accessories, but they are fast becoming popular in the retail jewellery industry. This fabulous set by Fiorelli Silver features marquise cut peridot crystals that are elegantly set into an infinity rub over setting in quality 925 sterling silver. This stunning necklace has matching earring available to make an elegant and sophisticated set. This would be perfect as bridal jewellery, mother of the bride or just that perfect set to bring that pop of colour into your outfit at a special occasion. 

Guy Wakeling Signature Collection. 

Guys Signature Collections some stunning emeralds. From statement rings to engagement ring to eternity rings. This versatile stone looks elegant, sophisticated, and steeped with wonderful symbolism and meaning. Emeralds represent life and balance, living in harmony. One of the perfect stones for an alternative engagement ring. 


We have had a multitude of green coloured stones come our way over the past year, from tourmalines to peridots, emeralds to jade. It has been fantastic to work with a multitude of materials representing this fabulous colour. There have been so many unique and wonderful design and commissions that have been created to showcase these stones and we have been pleased and proud to be a part in the making of each piece. We have also had a brilliant uptake in folks wanting different stones being replaced into existing jewellery. A good amount of these have been emeralds and peridots. So if you have an jewellery you have inherited and would like to be remodelled or you would like a commission making when why not book in for our free consultation HERE.