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Well the nights are getting darker and the weathers getting colder, the winter wardrobe is out and the summer one packed away. Autumn is in full swing, but that’s no reason to be down with the dreary days, here at Guy Wakeling Jewellery we have some beautiful jewellery to help brighten your days and bring a pop of colour to this grey season. 

CHLOBO – Moon Phases 

For this Autumn winter season, the lovely ChloBo have released their new collection of Phases of the Goddess. This collection focuses on phases of the moon and features the luxurious, mysterious stone of Sodalite. Known for its healing qualities, this mineral based stone comes is glorious hues of blue and blends well with ChloBos signature layer look. 

Guy Wakeling Signature Collection Vivid Golds 

Were less and less of that lovely sunshine in these colder months, that’s why here at Guy Wakeling Jewellery we are showcasing our Yellow Gold jewellery. Our little suncatchers collection ranges from 9ct Gold pieces at £380 to sparkling exquisite engagement rings for £3,300. Yellow gold is certainly trending this season and has been making its way back into being a leading material for jewellery over the past couple of years. 

The vivid tones and warmth of this stunning Yellow Gold certainly helps to bring to sun back into any outfit for this season.

Bering Colour POP

If you have seen Bering Time pieces before, you will know what I mean when I say pop of colour. This season Bering certainly does not disappoint with their range of vibrant colours and styles of watches. If you are after a classic timepiece with a flair of modernity, or a sleek dress watch that’s both stylish and well designed, then Bering is certainly a brand to consider. With Danish designs and German manufacturing, you can guarantee quality, modern engineering combined with elegance and sophistication.


The cost-of-living crisis is still ongoing, and we realise that jewellery isn’t at the top of many peoples lists. We have a few small suggestions that may save you a bob or two as well as helping mother earth. 

REPAIR – If you have any broken or tangled chains that you don’t wear, why not bring them in to us and we can see what we can do for you. There are only very few pieces of jewellery which we cannot repair, and this could save you a fortune in new jewellery and free up some space in your dressing table. 

REUSE – Rhodium Plating can cover Yellow Gold to make it look White Gold, and the same can be done for white gold. Though this plating is not a permanent fix, it does get the desired look for mixing metals in your existing jewellery. 

REMODEL – if you have any existing jewellery that is just lying around in a drawer or in a box, unused, because it’s not your style or is dated. Why not book in for a FREE consultation with Guy, bring along your existing jewellery and ideas you may have and see what we can do for you and how much you could save. 

RECYCLE – we buy gold for cash, though this isn’t a service we massively advertise. Bring your gold to us and we will give you and on the day price for Gold Prices. Don’t be shy, you may be surprised how much all those little pieces of unworn gold jewellery could get you.