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Season Favourites Winter 2022

Hello my lovelies,  The nights are fast drawing in and there’s more than that cold snap in the air. I’ve pulled out all my winter jumpers, coats, and boots and as energy prices rise, I think you will probably be seeing me where all of them at once. Luckily layering is on trend this year, especially in the jewellery industry. Mix and matching materials, layering, and stacking are all on the table for this season…

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We would like to introduce you to our brand-new Wedding Ring Service. In this blog we are going to be explaining and exploring all the wonderful features that this service has to offer.

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Bridal Jewellery

Well everyone it feels as if we are edging closer and closer to normality and I for one am loving being able to have friends and family into the garden and house for the first time. Admittedly the latest announcement delaying the June 21st easing wasn’t exactly what we were looking but… British resilience will continue. One of the more talked about subjects of this easing was of course Weddings (and quite rightly so). It…

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Half Term Offer – Rhodium Plating

We still have one day left! Our very popular half term rhodium plating offer is on until Saturday 22nd February.  Its been super busy all week here making everyone’s ring sparkly and new. This particular offer is 3 rings (same day service) for £60, so if you have a friend who needs one done and you have two or your husband needs their wedding ring doing as well, just bring them in together to qualify…

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Getting Married Abroad blog by Guy Wakeling Jewellery

Getting Married Abroad

Now folks, you MUST know by now that we absolutely love a good wedding here at GWJ. We see tying the knot as a beautiful union of two souls, the ultimate commitment to your lover, the promise to spend the rest of your life loving another human being deeply and unconditionally and other such romantic thoughts; what could be more amazing than that? Oh, and it definitely has nothing to do with the free food…

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