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Jewellery Cleaning Service

Is your jewellery looking a bit tired and old?

Most people don’t realise that they need to clean their jewellery regularly, just like you would clean anything else you wear every day.

For a multitude of reasons, everyday life can have a wearing effect on your precious items of jewellery. Dirt and grime can get caught in the fittings, especially around precious stones or intricate metal work, and tiny scratches and marks can quickly build up.

before and after three rings cleaned by Guy Wakeling jewellery
weding and engagement ring cleaning service from Guy Wakleing Jewellery

The result is that the metal and stones in your jewellery can become dull and loose their lustre, and your treasured jewellery can look battered and worn out.

Here at Guy Wakeling Jewellery, we hate to see jewellery not looking its best, which is why we’re experts in making sure your jewellery is spick and span and sparkling like new.

We can clean any item of jewellery, no matter what type, age or style it is. Plus, thanks to our range of jewellery cleaning packages, you can choose to have your jewellery cleaned, checked and overhauled, sometimes in just a few hours, and all for very reasonable prices.

Check out our cleaning price options below or get in touch with Guy Wakeling Jewellery today to find out more.

White Gold Rings

Stone Clean

Stone Security Check

Ring Reshaping

Metal Polish

Rhodium Re-plating

£35 Same Day Service

£40 1 Hour Service

Platinum Rings

Stone Clean

Stone Security Check

Ring Reshaping

Metal Polish

Platinum Polish & Shine

£50 Same Day Service

Jewellery Cleaning Loyalty Scheme

Here at Guy Wakeling Jewellery, we want your jewellery to look its best at all times, which is why we’re offering our new Jewellery Cleaning Loyalty Scheme.

Every day life can wear your precious jewellery out quickly and, especially if it’s value is worth more than just money, we know you’ll want to look after your pieces to preserve them for many years to come.

Thanks to our new jewellery cleaning loyalty scheme, it’s now even easier to keep your items of jewellery looking in tip top condition and to ensure they will last you for many decades to come, even if you wear them day-in, day-out.

Now, for every 6 times you get an item of jewellery cleaned, we’ll give you another item cleaned absolutely free! We’ll even give you a snazzy little card, to help you keep track of your free jewellery clean.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to earn your free jewellery cleaning session, please get in touch with Guy Wakeling Jewellery today