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Rhodium Plating

Have you got any white gold jewellery that has lost its lustre? Well the chances are it needs rhodium plating, and luckily Guy Wakeling Jewellery can help.

What Is Rhodium Plating?

Rhodium is a precious metal and is a member of the platinum family; it has a shiny, silver appearance and is very durable. Rhodium electroplating – or rhodium plating – is a process that is used by jewellers to apply a thin layer of rhodium to items of jewellery, to give it a bright, light appearance and provide a more hard-wearing surface that will be scratch and tarnish resistant.

Why Is Rhodium Plating Necessary?

Most commonly, rhodium plating is used on white gold jewellery to give it that white appearance that is so desired. The reason is that the term ‘white gold’ is somewhat of a misnomer; as we all know, gold is naturally yellow, hence what we term white gold is actually an alloy of gold mixed with another metal, usually nickel, silver or palladium. To make the alloy more durable and to provide a shiny, silver appearance, white gold jewellery is finished with a coating of rhodium, applied using rhodium plating.

Rhodium Plating picture before and after

How Often Should Rhodium Plating Be Done?

Whilst rhodium is a hard and robust metal that ensures your white gold jewellery is much less likely to be scratched or damaged, rhodium plating unfortunately doesn’t last forever. For example, jewellery that takes a lot of daily wear, such as a wedding ring, can wear away the rhodium plating entirely in as little as 4-6 months. On the other hand, items that are worn less frequently or that come into contact with your skin less frequently, can keep their rhodium plating for up to ten years. Hence, how often you need to have your piece of jewellery rhodium re-plated will depend entirely on how much the item is worn and how often it is exposed to the elements.

How Do I Know If My Jewellery Needs Rhodium Plating?

It’s very easy to tell if your white gold jewellery needs to be rhodium re-plated simply by looking at it. Overall, the item may look tarnished or appear to be a different colour from what it was originally. Any areas that have lost the rhodium plating altogether will show the yellowish colour of the original white gold underneath, and there may be discoloration in other areas too. On rare occasions, particularly for those with sensitive skin, there may be a slight reddening or irritation of the skin where it has been exposed to the alloy metal beneath.

During Rhodium plating

What Does Rhodium Plating Involve?

Rhodium re-plating is not an arduous task; thanks to the specialist equipment we have at Guy Wakeling Jewellery, we can rhodium plate your jewellery quite easily. The majority of jewellery items can be re-plated fairly quickly and easily with absolutely no damage to the stone.

Rhodium plating follows a six step process:

  1. The item is checked to make sure any stones are secure. Any minor repairs needed are done during this step.
  2. The jewellery is placed in a sonic cleaner to remove grime, oils, and build up from general wear.
  3. Deep scratches are taken out of the metal using a fine emery board.
  4. The item is polished to remove any grain left from the emery board and produce a mirror shine.
  5. The item is cleaned again to remove any final bits of residual grease and build up.
  6. The jewellery is dipped in the rhodium tank.

How Much Does Rhodium Plating Cost?

Rhodium plating is not as expensive as you think, although the exact cost will depend on the item of jewellery and how thick a layer of rhodium it requires. Why not get in touch with us today to find out exactly how much this service is likely to cost for you?

Alternatively, you can take advantage of our special ring cleaning offer, which includes rhodium re-plating for your white gold rings. Our exclusive 5 step cleaning process costs just £35 per ring for the next day service or £40 per ring for our super quick same day service. You can check out the full details of our ring cleaning service here.

Rhodium Plating Service

Stone Clean

Stone Security Check

Ring Reshaping

Metal Polish

Rhodium Re-plating

£45 for 3 Day Service 

£50 for Same Day Service

Want your rings to sparkle again?

Contact Guy Wakeling Jewellery today to get your items of white gold jewellery booked in for our rhodium plating service and make them look sparkling new again.