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The Christmas Gift Edit

I hope you are all well and staying safe, and hopefully gaining a little of the Christmas spirit as we edge closer and closer to the big day. Its certainly a strange one and admittedly I have found myself being nostalgic of my 2019 Christmas self. I don’t know about you all but I am at the stage of making a million and one lists of all the things I have forgotten, all the people…

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About A Blog

About A Blog As I am sure you will have noticed, at least I hope you have, especially if you follow us on Facebook or on Instagram, that recently I have been posting a blog on our website every week. My blogs are strictly nothing intense or time consuming, no rants or political ravings, no, none of that! My blogs are, obviously, about the jewellery industry, subjects that I feel are relevant to our customers…

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In-House Jewellery Valuation Services

We all have jewellery were we are wondering “should this be insured outside of my house insurance” don’t we!  But sometimes it is simply one of those jobs we never get around to do and just think it is going to be too expensive. Every few weeks we have our professional valuer in the shop to do exactly this, with each piece of jewellery come a full report for insurance/probate purposes. Unlike a lot of…

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