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Spring Greens

This year with our blogs I thought I would take a different approach, colours. Over the past six months we have noticed that there has been a massive trend in using alternative stones in jewellery, be it from precious to semi-precious to common stones. As a bespoke jewellers quite frankly, we have found this refreshing.  For this spring season I have aptly chosen green as our colour, signing renewal, new life and of course health…

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Birthstone Guide

Birthstones are a special touch on a piece of jewellery that I have always found particularly endearing. The representation and meaningful gesture is beautiful and one I love to see. Their meaning on jewellery is so versatile, they could represent the relationship with the person who gave you the jewellery, the gemstones could represent other people who are important to you, or it could simply represent YOU, which is always a good thing, we all…

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