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Bridal Jewellery

Well everyone it feels as if we are edging closer and closer to normality and I for one am loving being able to have friends and family into the garden and house for the first time. Admittedly the latest announcement delaying the June 21st easing wasn’t exactly what we were looking but… British resilience will continue. One of the more talked about subjects of this easing was of course Weddings (and quite rightly so). It…

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What’s in store ……literally.

Yay, we’re back, and it really does feel so good to be back. If you follow our social media channels you will have seen us using Lockdown 2.0 to our advantage. We’ve caught up on all we needed to, we’ve got our lovely website up and running and we’ve taken the time to reflect and enjoy the quiet before the Christmas rush takes hold. Whether you find Christmas shopping the most enjoyable or the most…

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