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Spring Greens

This year with our blogs I thought I would take a different approach, colours. Over the past six months we have noticed that there has been a massive trend in using alternative stones in jewellery, be it from precious to semi-precious to common stones. As a bespoke jewellers quite frankly, we have found this refreshing.  For this spring season I have aptly chosen green as our colour, signing renewal, new life and of course health…

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Spring Look Book

There’s green on the trees, buds are starting to poke through and there has been a couple of days when I could get away without a bobble hat. Spring is here. After Mr Johnsons announcement last week, I think I can safely say, that spring is not just in the air but in our steps too. Though obviously we are all still being mindful and cautious about COVID, it is still so encouraging to have…

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Valentines Gifting Ideas

Who’d of thought when you were buying gifts last year and making reservations for dining and stay away that this year would be so different. Just like Christmas, this year is going to be a virtual Valentines Day. Whilst necessity is the mother of all invention, and so whilst you will be busy on planning how you are creatively going to spend the day, I have put together a little blog of ideas, so that…

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