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Engagement Ring Guide

So here we are in Lockdown 3.0 and I sincerely hope you are all well and are coping under the circumstances. On a normal year I’m a bit of a wedding nut, I love wedding programs tacky or not, I love to see the fashions change and re-appear (not showing my age here). Most of all I love that even though there are set cultural traditions, certain conventions to be adhered to, there is always…

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About A Blog

About A Blog As I am sure you will have noticed, at least I hope you have, especially if you follow us on Facebook or on Instagram, that recently I have been posting a blog on our website every week. My blogs are strictly nothing intense or time consuming, no rants or political ravings, no, none of that! My blogs are, obviously, about the jewellery industry, subjects that I feel are relevant to our customers…

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