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Some trends I’ve loved and some I’ve hated, but for this summer look book I have picked out FIVE of my favourite pieces from our brands that I think you will simply fall in love with. 

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Spring Trends 2022

unfortunately for now we are back to cold temperatures, rainy days and soggy gardens. Here’s hoping spring is not really too far away and that permanent warmer weather comes our way soon. Though the weather isn’t in our favour there are definite signs of spring around us which it has to be said I am throughly enjoying, bright yellow daffodils, vivid green leaves and lambs in the fields and of course to top it all off our associated jewellery fashion brands have brought out their long awaited Spring/ Summer catalogues, so with that in mind I thought I would dedicate this blog to the spring trends that are about this season. 

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Metal Guide

As we head towards the Easter Holidays, there seems to be so much going. For all us poor parents we are back with the kids full time (least we don’t have to combat home schooling though). As a business we are heading towards re-opening again. As a non-essential shop we will be allowed to open to the public on the 12th of April YAY! We’re so excited, we’ve been busy making preparations for this, cleaning,…

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