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Well I don’t know about you lovelies but this winter season has truly crept up on me. I feel like I’ve only just seen the leaves turn yellow and then all of a sudden the leaves are off the trees, the Christmas decks are up and there’s a scuffle at the super market for the best Turkey crown, where has the time gone? So with Christmas countdowns on the go we thought gift inspiration and ideas are the perfect topic for this blog, to help you work your way down that Christmas lists.

Personalised gifts are a trend that keeps on growing and growing, and it’s hard now not to scroll down whilst internet shopping without seeing a ‘personalise me’ button. To some this can be fantastic to others a little daunting, so I thought this month I would dedicate our blog to an Easy Personalisation Gift Guide, to help you all make that leap of personalisation without too much deliberation.


Unique & Co have produced a spectacular range of necklaces that capture the beauty of the stars perfectly. Unique & Co specialise is Sterling Silver Jewellery for Women and Stainless Steel and Titanium Jewellery for Men. Their designs are beautifully modern and as the name says it they are ‘unique’ and truly stand out from the crowd. The Zodiac pendant itself is a textured disc which has been polished to a high mirror shine, and has a lovely touch of sparkle from the cubic zirconias which are inlaid into the formation of each particular zodiac. This pendant is a perfect way to provide a touch of personalisation to a gift and all you need to to is know their birthdate, from there you can ascertain their star sign, and you’re on your way to a perfectly thought-out gift. These pendants come with a 18″ Chain and are available in Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold Plaited or Rose Gold Plaited and range from £59 – £69.

Unique & Co Zodiac Pendant CLICK HERE


Birthstones are another fantastic way of personalising a piece of jewellery. Birthstones themselves have significant meanings and vary with elements from each stone. Birthstone jewellery is designed in such a way that often it is easy to include multiple birthstones on the piece or make additions, birthstones not just of the person you are gifting it to but of those who are closest to them such as the birthstone of their partner, children or friends. This makes birthstone jewellery a wonderful piece to be added to and built up. A lovely example of this is the birthstone necklace from British Designer Kit Heath. Complete with two pebble shaped pendants, one inclusive of the respective birthstone and the other plain and polished to a high mirror shine and all hung on a 18″ chain. What’s special about this necklace is that Kit Heath offer a free engraving service for the plain pendant, for that complete personalisation package. At just £95 with free engraving this necklace is perfect for your loved ones this Christmas.
If you know that the person you are gifting to isn’t fond of necklaces then we have a wonderful pair of birthstone earrings from our Just Jewellery by Katie Wakeling Collection. These hoops contain a beautiful birthstones that is in a rub over setting in quality sterling silver for just £35.

Kit Heath Birthstone Necklace CLICK HERE


D for Diamond is a fantastic brand of Jewellery that is just for little ones, their range is perfect for special occasions such as Christenings, birthdays and Christmas. Each piece in their range includes a small singular diamond for that touch of sparkle and sophistication that makes little ones feel all grown up. The range contains a mix of traditional and modern pieces that a set to suit any and all occasions. D for Diamond like Kit Heath offer a free engraving service on their items, this is perfect for immortalising those special events, dates or letting them know how much you love them with a personal message. These items are made form quality Sterling Silver and come in a variety of style to suit each and every unique character.

D for Diamond Bangle CLICK HERE


If sleek and sophisticated is your style, you might want to take a look at the Kit Heath Initial pendant range, again a initial pendants are a trend that keeps growing and growing. These initial pendants have a modern flare on a traditional design. Each letter is polished to a high mirror shine and is hung on an 18″ chain. This is a fantastic personalised gift that can be built up on and again include initials of loved ones and friends.

Kit Heath Initial Pendant CLICK HERE


Nothing says personalisation like having your own completely unique piece of jewellery made just for you. We have had so many wonderful commissions this year and each of them as varied and unique as the customer who has asked them to be made. So if you have some jewellery which you have inherited or you have a wedding ring that you don’t like the look of anymore then it might be worth booking in with us for a free consultation. However word to the wise we are unfortunately booked up until March 2022, we can’t complain about being so busy. Don’t let this stop you from in booking with us or maybe every purchasing one of our gift vouchers as a gift to help towards this completely personalised item. All pieces are made by Guy himself in our workshop, it is the perfect way to truly personalise the jewellery owning experience, there’s nothing like having your say in the design of your dream piece of jewellery.

Guy Wakeling Jewellery Bespoke Commission VIEW OUR GALLERY

I truly hope that this guide has given you a few sparks of inspiration, and perhaps even a few relevant ideas that will help you along with your Christmas shopping. If you are looking to get an item engraved we would suggest visiting us sooner rather than later to make sure you beat the rush and escape the backlog backlash!

If none of these ideas tickle your fancy then why not pop into our shop, our customer advisors would love to help you find that perfect gift.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING, we hope to see you all soon

With Love,

Guy Wakeling Team.