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Well my friends, not so long ago we had a window into what the weather could be like leading to summer, unfortunately for now we are back to cold temperatures, rainy days and soggy gardens. Here’s hoping spring is not really too far away and that permanent warmer weather comes our way soon. Though the weather isn’t in our favour there are definite signs of spring around us, which it has to be said I am throughly enjoying, bright yellow daffodils, vivid green leaves and lambs in the fields and of course to top it all off our associated jewellery fashion brands have brought out their long awaited Spring/ Summer catalogues, so with that in mind I thought I would dedicate this blog to the spring trends that are about this season. 

S U N C A T C H E R S 

For quite sometime now silver, white gold and platinum have lead the way in the jewellery fashion industry, however for the first time in a few years yellow gold jeweller is in vogue. We never lost any love for this stunning, vivid, sun catching metal and personally we are so please to see more companies and celebrities bringing it back into the mainstream. Most notably with our collections is the new Essence Collection from Kit Heath which incorporates beautiful Indian inspired designs in their signature sterling silver, with just a hint of vibrant yellow gold on the tips. One of our best sellers is the Zodiac Pendant from Unique & Co, these stunning necklaces come in three different colours, sterling silver, rose gold and most notably yellow gold. We love the way the textured disc and sparkling cubic zirconia look in the bright high-shine finished yellow gold. 

Unique & Co Zodiac Necklace SHOP HERE


Personally I think Jackie Kennedy and Liz Taylor would be thrilled to know that these little beauties are on rise this year and in some exceptionally beautiful designs. Kit Heath are leading the way with their modern designs using these highly traditional drops of natural beauty. Our own in house brand of Just Jewellery by Katie Rose have been housing their own take on this wonderful trend, with a hand picked selection of bracelets, earrings and rings to choose from. Sleek elegance has never been so chic. Here at Guy Wakeling Jewellery we love the versatility of jewellery with pearls as the central piece, they can be used for everyday wear and can be a classic signature piece at special occasions, particularly weddings and christenings.

Fresh Water Pearl Bracelet | Just Jewellery by Katie Rose CLICK HERE

I N I T I A L S T A T E M E N T  

Not so long ago I wrote a blog on Initial pendants READ HERE which was a lovely one to write and it even struck me at the time how this trend had snuck up on us and how it wonderfully has implanted into our everyday lives. The symbolism, significance and sentimentality that surrounds this small piece of jewellery is astounding and truly wonderful. Though we have a few brands who merchandise their own version of this pendant design, it is Kit Heath that stands out for their attention to detail and remarkable quality. Each letter is accented with wonderful fluid curves and it finished with a high-shine polish for that classy, quality look, hung elegantly on a 18″ sterling silver chain. 

Kit Heath Initial Necklace SHOP HERE


Here’s hoping you have kept hold of your hoops and huggies from last summer and through the winter, because they are here to stay. These little beauties are perfect for day time and evening wear and are so wonderfully versatile. We love these little gems, particularly for the variety of styles, there’s something for everyone whether you’re into no-fuss or all singing all dancing. So many styles are even customisable with charms and birthstones.  There are a wide variety of exceptional designs from a multitude of fabulous designers. From Just Jewellery to Kit Heath, Fiorelli to Guy Wakeling Jewellery there is no excuses for missing out on this lovely delicate style. 

Birthstone Hoops from Just Jewellery by Katie Rose CLICK HERE

Whatever your style and however you choose to wear it, your jewellery is part of who you are and totally your thing. This is one of the hidden and less talked about elements that we love about jewellery and what we try to express to our clients, particularly in our consultations. Is that jewellery is an expression and a visualisation of what you like, it should reflect you, your style and most importantly who you are.

With Love.