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If you have read my blogs over the past few months, you will have heard me talk about how we believe that every piece of Jewellery is the beginning of a journey and holds significance and meaning to those who have bought it. It is one of the reasons why I love working in the Jewellery industry so much, the pure and simple fact that each piece of jewellery is bought with a reason, with love, to show meaning. That every piece of jewellery has a story to tell. 

Today I would like to share with you an incredible journey that we have been asked to share by a customer when he approached us and asked us to make a ring, that would hold so much significance. 

Billy’s Story

A few months ago a young man in his early twenties (thats so so young to me!) entered our shop and asked for a consultation with Guy, with the dedicated thought of having a ring made, to commemorate the journey he had been on and the sheer amount of physical and mental obstacles that he had overcome. 

Not so long ago, Billy, who was on holiday in America felt that something wasn’t right when a substantial bruise he had sustained didn’t fade, after struggling to fly home on the 4th of July and with no small miracle and effort from the airline, Billy managed to get back home and attended A&E as soon as he could. Soon after unfortunately Billy was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Billys’ perspective and attitude to his diagnosis is inspiring.

Even from the first week of diagnosis Billy knew he wanted something to aim for, something special for him for the end of his treatment, a true testament to Billy’s hope and wonderful positivity. Whilst in The Christie NHS Foundation Trust Billy drew out, researched and refined the idea for the piece of jewellery he wanted making. 

“When I was in Christies as an inpatient, you live there for about four to five weeks, whilst they heavily monitor you at the start of your cancer treatment. This is for when you reach the finish line and its all over and done with, I’m going to want something nice, something I can keep. Something I can have with me every day, to remind me how much Ive pushed through, how much Ive fought off.”

King of all Rings

Billy’s ring is wall-to-wall full of meaning, significance and symbolism. Billy has thought attentively and meticulously about every single aspect of this spectacular ring. Billy decided on Platinum for the base of his ring due to its durability and easy maintenance of the material, meaning that Billy can wear his ring on a day to day basis, without the worry of easily scratching the ring or annual rhodium plating. 

From ideas to reality.

With a crown representing victory, triumph and power, its the perfect symbol to house the all important jewels which Billy had selected for his bespoke ring. On the top row of the crown stands eight red Rubies representing the significance and importance of Billys blood throughout this entire process. Beneath each Ruby sits a stunning sparkling Diamond set it in a diamond shaped rub-over setting. The diamonds at an elegance and luxurious feel to the over all ring. Billy specifically wanted to include diamonds due to their representations of strength, durability and ability to shine through, even in the darkest of places. The main band of the crown contains eight sections of all twelve birthstones. The rainbows pattern also represents those within the NHS who have helped Billy throughout his treatment and is in honour of their hard work.

“The rainbow birthstone pattern represents the list of people who came to see me throughout my chemo, who helped out, its all their birthdays.” 

Since his diagnosis and beginning of treatment, Billy has encountered a number of people who have been diagnosed with cancer and said he would encourage others who have been diagnosed to choose a treat, something to aim towards, much as he has done with this piece of jewellery.

“Your goal is to get through your treatment, but you have a goal of something nice, something for YOU, something to look forward to, whether its a trip or jewellery.”

The Finished article. Billy’s Stunning Crown Ring.

Billy is a keen traveller and at only 25 has an extensive list of places he has already visited including America, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Poland and Iceland but to name a few. Sadly due to Billy’s condition and treatment doctors have advised him not to travel abroad for 12months minimum, with the advisory of waiting even longer before he can travel abroad. 

“The banker in me evened it out, as I can’t travel, this is like two long haul trips for me as I wont be traveling any where soon”. 

Thank fully Billy is now in remission, though he is subject to constant routine tests for close monitoring until he reached the age of twenty-eight. Billy has come so far, his positivity, perspective and attitude to his diagnosis and what he has been through is absolutely inspiring. 

We are truly honoured and privileged to have met Billy and to have been trusted with the responsibility of making this ring for him, in light of such a journey. We are so pleased that Billy’s ring lives up to his expectations and we wish him the very best in all that he does. 

Stay Safe and Take Care

With Love,